What if we could contribute to advancing science? What if we could get paid for this contribution? Well, we can. With the rise of internet huge amounts of computing power has become available “in the cloud” and the potential of this metacomputer has been utilized for a while by projects where individuals idle time is donated to for example folding proteins, marking cancer or searching for extraterrestrials. This cloud has also spawned a new form of currency, born from the desire of money not controlled by any government, the pioneering efforts of Bitcoin developers are sending ripples through the world in countless forms of which one is Ripple’s creation XRP. A currency aiding to initiate a trend of putting to good use the vast resources involved in creating virtual coins, in contrast to Bitcoin instead of solving rather meaningless puzzles for safety XRP is awarded to computers who contribute toward scientific progress.

So beyond the satisfaction of improving life on earth what is the monetary reward involved? Maybe it is mostly nominal and this whole cryptocurrency fad is soon to disappear? Such statements were numerous in their early days and an early landmark was achieved in 2010 when a forum member declared that two pizzas had been purchased for ten thousand Bitcoins, crypptocurrencies were achieving real value! That sum, 10 000 BTC, is today worth over five million euro.

Participating in this new project launched last month seems wise, if there is an idle computer at home connecting it to the world community grid benefits everyone involved. Start contributing: Join the talk: (Qni)


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"The leaf and his body were one. Neither possessed a separate permanent self. Neither could exist independently from the rest of the universe."
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