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I’m (not) a mean player

He resigned the next move. Advertisements

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OGS is back online!

Message from TheLemon: eh, maybe. but as a 1k player at my goclub said: it is better to take risks and lose than to play unnecessarily safe and win. Message from LordShaper: He’s right. One’s progression as a player is … Continue reading

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Dealt to MR COWLEY [Qs Jd] CATH2010 – Folds MR COWLEY – Raises $0.35 to $0.35 FASTANDHARD – Calls $0.30 SNOWDOGGY1 – Folds *** FLOP *** [7d 7h 5d] FASTANDHARD – Checks MR COWLEY – Bets $0.50 FASTANDHARD – Calls … Continue reading

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my opponent discovered the futility in trying to win a one sided double KO. also

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I had, no idea

I had gotten this much just from not playing

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