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Neural networks in Ripple

We need data. We need a model to process the data. We need the model to evolve. The full code can be found at All trades in the Ripple network are stored, the first thousand BTC trades are here: … Continue reading

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Gravity and 3D laser pens

Anyone who has ever ran a simulation of the common space time diagram of gravity where planets appear on a elastic sheet knows that it is not an optimal representation of what is actually going on; the spheres on the … Continue reading

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What if we could contribute to advancing science? What if we could get paid for this contribution? Well, we can. With the rise of internet huge amounts of computing power has become available “in the cloud” and the potential of … Continue reading

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Thinking about light creates light

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If we send a big mirror into space soon crimes could be solved by looking into it. I love mirrors, if you made a ball from a one way mirror and looked inside, what would you see? Mirrors could also … Continue reading

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Happiness is neurogenesis

I’m actually surprised I didn’t think of the title-statement until after I read about research establishing antidepressants lose this name-implied effect if their ability to stimulate new cell growth is inhibited. What do cells want? To proliferate! Speaking of that, … Continue reading

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The stuff science fiction’s made of. Is it only me who’s worried about the prospect of a few lines of code separating the digital Dalai Lama from a nuclear powered Charles Manson? Want to be a cosmonaut?

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