Synopsis, part 1

Dr Ricardo treated Quentin for a broken jaw
broke it playing golf and standing too close to his mate swinging

after donuts jay arrives at work
Quentin is sorting mail and greets him with a slight nod

Quentin story

jay sits down at table with Henry
who is Henry? friendly guy, chit chat. link to Lee, more stories about the cottage.

delivery assignments, they go and check the table. Henry is sent on a route throughout the town but Jay only has one delivery to a remote village, odd. describe package, also odd.

Jay is a postman. Today (day 1) is just another normal day, so far. He is assigned the task of delivering a package originating from Deva, Romania, to an isolated village. As he gets there a storm unleashes, rain pours as he hurries to find and knock on the door of the recipiant. A battered worn down man opens and invites him in to what can only be described as an omniously untidy old wooden house. The man is obviously sick, his eyes are red, he can only carry himself throughout the room with some difficulty and he keeps coughing. Through idle talk Jay learns that the man has been deep into the forests of Transylvania on a scientific field trip. Having delivered his package and just about to leave the old man falls, knocking him to the ground and landing atop dangerously close to his face. Jay has little time to be shocked at how deep the redness of the mans two eyes really go before a repeated barrage of coughs to his face make him force the man from himself. Disgusted he storms out into the heavy rain, leaving the man crawling on the ground.

It is dark outside now. Very dark, and as he drives on the lone small road leading from the village a pale full moon rises behind him.

Part 2


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