Synopsis, part 2

As he approaches the only bridge taking him home he realizes, a bit too late, that the storm has taken it out. Stuck in the mud he has no choice but to walk back through the woods. Wolfes howl in the distance and suddenly he can hear twigs cracking and the sound of someone walking just beyond the treeline. He walks up to the edge and calls out, receiving no answer but the chilling feeling of being watched he soon hurries onward. Soon he hears the same sound again, only faster, and harder. It doesn’t take long before he breaks into a run.

Finding himself back in the apparant safety of town he begins to calm down and question his senses, was it all just in his head? To get away from the constant wetness he checks into the local tavern, outside thundercracks and howls cut through the night as he slowly drifts to sleep.


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