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Guide to having your heart broken:
Always assume everyone you meet has good intentions.
Instantly fall in love with anyone who treats you kindly.

Guide to having your life filled with love:
Always assume everyone you meet has good intentions.
Instantly fall in love with anyone who treats you kindly.

Guide to fixing a broken heart:
Your heart is not broken.

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Think of Peace

We are the same consciousness.

“As above so below.”

Parallells can be drawn between any object to all subjects. Hidden within space itself is the lock and key to the secrets of the Universe.

Where two perfectly opposite points of a värdemängd meet hidden is the entire värdemängd.

Everything is made from thoughts and when we meditate consciousness is expanded meaning we see wider or deeper.

^-a portal ^-infinity expanding from inf_n to inf inf_n

I've found the point where happiness is every feeling.

Marijuana forces you to think, makes you aware of Earths suffering and realize the great injustice MUST END.

"Lead them to the point where sad is every feeling because that point is the same point as the one where happiness is every feeling."

We are a choice.

You want me to do what the government says because the government says I should do what the government says?
Anyone whom obeys an order to construct a cage for themselves deserves that prison.

Marijuana is meditation. Meditation is the path to the truth.

Do you know what I would do if the government put me in a cell? I would thank them for their kind hospitality and keep meditating.

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Thinking about light creates light

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If we send a big mirror into space soon crimes could be solved by looking into it.

I love mirrors, if you made a ball from a one way mirror and looked inside, what would you see?

Mirrors could also describe feedback in neural networks. Imagine a neuron in the shape of a heart and six more like it in a circle around, take this structure of seven turn it aside and wrap it around a bigger neuron still in the shape of a heart, repeat this process seven times then add stochastic activation with hebbian learning and I’m sure great things shall surface!

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Part of ascending from immaturity is learning that magic doesn’t exist, but transcending to wisdom involves the realization that magic does exist.

Happiness and its opposite.

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Happiness is neurogenesis

I’m actually surprised I didn’t think of the title-statement until after I read about research establishing antidepressants lose this name-implied effect if their ability to stimulate new cell growth is inhibited. What do cells want? To proliferate!

Speaking of that, if you are addicted to one of the many new moodenchancing SSRI, DSRI, NSRI etc then I would strongly advise you to cease “treatment” and instead take up exercise alongside charitywork, since you are very much acting as a guinea pig for the researchers. Not too long ago the antidepressant of choice, prescribed to everyone, was methamphetamine. Just sayin…

Besides, feeling depressed in a world with as much injustice as ours is nothing but healthy. Try helping one of the millions feeling billions of times worse than you and I promise you will feel better.

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There is a lethal difference between natural THC and synthetic cannabinoids: partial agonism!
Marijuana will never fully close your ion channels.

Entered twitter and this, which aligns precisely with my line of research, was at the very top. Do you believe in fate?
“However, if the evolutionary biases we have already mentioned – our parochial altruism and bias towards the near future – influence our attitudes to climatic and environmental policies, then there is good reason to believe that voters are more likely to get it wrong than right. The jury theorem then means it’s almost certain that a majority will opt for the wrong policies!”

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